Sibling Information

This "Sibling" page is dedicated as a tribute in loving memory of Danny Frank of Silver Spring, Maryland.

Chapter 9 of Holding Onto Love: Searching for Hope When a Child Dies explores the overwhelming grief and emotional turmoil brothers and sisters experience when their sibling dies. Listed below are a few other sibling-oriented resources for your consideration:

Sibling Grief-Related Literature

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Sources of Grief-Related Literature:

Centering Corporation - http://www.centering.org/

Sibling Grief-Related Websites

Adult Sibling Grief - http://www.adultsiblinggrief.com

Comfort Zone Camp - http://www.comfortzonecamp.org

The Compassionate Friends – www.compassionatefriends.org (See Resource Link) 

The Sibling Connection - http://counselingstlouis.net